November: Be Patient

To the Little Readers (Read this out loud to them):


Did you have a good Thanksgiving? What food did you like best? What holiday comes after Thanksgiving? There’s Christmas and Hanukkah and lots of winter holidays that involve getting….presents! Yes, you’re right! Today is the eve of the first day of December, what I like to call the start of the waiting season. It’s hard to wait! Not just for winter holidays, but for anything. Our book today is about three little owls who have to do just that – wait. It’s called Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. Let’s read to find out what they’re waiting for!

To the Parents (Why I Recommend this book):


November 30th really is the start of the waiting season, isn’t it – or was it even earlier at your house? Lots of kids get focused on all the things they’d like to get in the various holidays at the end of December, and you might get tired of hearing the “gimmies.” This story is all about waiting, and how the owl babies get through that waiting is part of why I recommend this book. They get through the waiting by being together. They talk some, they move around some, but it’s all by the three owl babies being together. Which I hope will help you help your little reader focus on what the upcoming holidays are really all about – spending time together. The other part of why I recommend this book? My regular test audience LOVES Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and asks to hear again and again! I do different voices for each of the owl babies, and sometimes I have my little readers take turns speaking the parts of the little owls. It makes for a great active reading experience together! Why don’t you ask your little readers what Sarah and Percy and Bill sound like?

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