My Apologies

If you haven't seen the new letter on the homepage, please go check it out. I am sorry that I have not kept my promise to share a new book each month these past few months. The reason is that I have been tending to some family medical needs that consumed more of my resources that I thought they would. Perhaps I should have amended it to a new book every other month, perhaps I should have put up notification sooner, there are many "perhaps" I could have done....whatever I could have done, I am sorry. I am putting up a new book for Moral of the Month this month, in a style that more closely resembles how you might hear me recommend a book if you were at one of my storytimes! There will be a new book each month for the remainder of 2016. I have already chosen books for the upcoming months in an effort to keep my promise, I hope you will forgive me, and that you and your Little Readers will read along with me for the rest of the year!

#storyteller #apology

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