February: Being Kind

Sometimes saying it simply is saying it best, and that is the beauty of this book. “When I’m Feeling Kind” is part of Trace Moroney’s Feeling series, an excellent collection of books that help children understand, explore, and communicate different emotions. This book focuses on how we share and experience kindness: through manners, empathy, acts of service, and even how we are kind to ourselves when we take care of our health. With illustrations that thoughtfully demonstrate the subject of each page, this book is a great way to start talking about kindness with your child. I recommend this book because: “When I’m Feeling Kind” is a great book for starting a discussion about kindness with your child, whether that child is a toddler or school age. The simple sentences keep the ideas clear and easy to understand, with lots of room to discuss other examples of kindness you or your little reader have experienced. One of my favorite things about this book is that it’s available not only in hardcover or paperback, but as a board book as well – perfect for even the youngest reader! Ideas for interaction: The illustrations are very engaging, and you can ask your littlest readers questions about them: How do you think the little bunny is feeling? Why do you think he is feeling that way? What would have happened if the bunny did something different – how would the others feel then? With your older readers, you can make a list of ideas on how to be kind, and then write them on construction paper hearts you cut out together to decorate their bedroom or playroom wall.

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